The Yoga Club

“We have the club ready to go Tuesday mornings, but not many people show up,” states Mrs. Connolly. Yoga club started when Mrs. Connolly’s AVID class wanted to start a yoga class for extracurricular activities.  At the start, the club had about 25 people in there, boys and girls. The girls graduated and soon it got harder to have the club in the afternoons, so now they switched to mornings.  During the pandemic, they agreed to have no virtual classes for the club. Last year, the first year back, Mrs. Connolly offered it to zero period and wanted to do yoga moves every Friday for a couple of minutes.  With the new schedule, times got pushed back one hour.  So now the club members have to get there earlier, leading some members to not show up.

This year she chose not to participate in club rush because she would be out there representing but doesn’t have the time.  Mrs. Connolly does think it would be a great idea to get more people doing yoga because it improves peoples health.  “The physiological benefits lowers cortisol and helps neurons connect easily.  Synapses in the brain reduce people’s physical, mental and emotional tensions. There are so many benefits to being active once in a while.”  Mrs. Connolly wants students to be active and healthy, so be sure to check it out some time on Tuesday mornings, 8 AM.