Cars Cars

School cars and more.


Sabrina Galvan, Journalist

Around campus students use many forms of transportation to get to and from school, whether it’s using their own two dogs or a brand new fully customized Chevy Silverado. Students get to school on time for the most part. Most of the cars that students use are hand me downs, project cars they built themselves, money they saved or a parent’s gifts. Lodi High students are repping the cleanest looking cars that look far better than any other High school *cough cough* (Tokay). 

As for students who don’t own a vehicle yet, they have high standards. Several students and staff around campus were asked which cars they would want to get. One student, Maritza Aguayo, stated, ”I’d want a Chevy Malibu.”  Another student by the name of Emilio Contreras, ”Man I’d want a Durango!”  A member of the Lodi community (My Dad) was interviewed about the car he owned and he stated, ”I have a white Oldsmobile Cutlass with rims and a detailed interior”. As for me, I’d personally want a Scion FRS in a pink, sparkly wrap, repping a Twice logo on the window. What about you?