What is in Your Future??

Lodi High has endless possibilities for your future.

What is in Your Future??

Lodi High provides over 24 clubs and programs allowing students to open themselves up to new experiences and opportunities. Students are able to see their potential and what their calling is through these clubs and activities. Programs like auto mechanics, agriculture, welding, and fashion and design present opportunities outside college and allow students to find a career path that suits them. Along with non-college programs, college-focused programs are offered here at Lodi High, as we have over 24 active clubs, many allowing scholarship opportunities. Mecha club is one club that allows students to earn possible scholarships and go on field trips to college campuses. Along with Mecha, The National Honors Society also provides further scholarship opportunities. Many programs and clubs at Lodi High present students with many opportunities to succeed in whatever field they choose.

 In the realm of college, there are endless opportunities even outside of school that Lodi High presents. On August 30th the 13th an annual college and career night took place at Bear Creek. From 5:30 pm -7:30 PM; representatives of all career paths attended. This opportunity given to students allowed them to connect with all spectrums of careers. People from the University of California to people from technological schools attended this event. This event  provided students with information and opened them up to any career path or school they wish to attend to further their education. The opportunities are endless, which path will you take?

Maybe going into STEM or the medical field? Within the Lodi Unified School District, students at Lodi High are able to visit further classes within their desired field of study. At Lincoln Tech, students are able to take courses regarding nursing and medicine, along with finance and many more. By taking these classes students are allowed the opportunity to test their skills of knowledge and have hands-on experiences in real-life situations. If you are interested in taking such courses at Lincoln Tech, please reach out to your counselor for further information and scheduling purposes. 

But STEM and the medical field aren’t for everyone!  Maybe you are interested in teaching or working with children? Well, Lodi High offers a program for that! The APPLE Academy, offered here at Lodi High, allows students to learn and interact with children and how the processes and experiences of children help shape the adults they become in the future. 

There are many programs and opportunities at Lodi High regarding clubs, sports, and classes and as scheduling for the upcoming school year is on the horizon, now is the time to talk to your counselor about classes you are interested in taking on campus and off; as well as any clubs or organizations that you would like to get involved in. It is never too late to get involved, so why not now?