Flames Swim and Dive Takes it All


Diego Nava-Hernandez, Journalist

Three Weeks ago, TCAL took place where many of the Lodi High School swim and dive competitors did amazing! Anthony Celli got 2nd place in most of his games, making him feel like did pretty well! He chose to swim because it’s fun and he loves being with his friends. “I like practicing with everyone and I think they’re cool and really nice people,” he says. 

Another senior who takes part in swim is Olivia Stevenson and thinks her season went great! This was the most amount of kids who participated in Swim and Dive in a really long time, while also having high spirits throughout the season. She chose to swim because her father got her into it at a young age, around 8 years old.  “It’s hard to juggle school and sports since you have practice after school,” she says. She has really improved throughout the years.  The girls swim team has been doing very well in TCAL as they have won many past years.

“It’s very fun to compete together in rallies.”  All of the coaches are awesome. She has gotten to know Coach John very well and thinks he’s amazing. 

Wyatt Reynolds, a Junior, was put into swimming by his parents so he just kept with it.  He tries to make time for school work and juggles both very efficiently.  “Swim takes so much individuality so you put in all the work.” Their relays are 4 nan but usually individual work.   Getting to work on yourself is always amazing and Swim takes so much effort from one person. He likes Swim because there are a variety of techniques to learn to make you go as fast as you can.  John Griffin, who coaches the Lodi High Swim and Dive and the local club swim program, is a great guy who taught Wyatt everything he knows. “Without his help, I wouldn’t be as good as I am now.”   Last week was Sections and this week is State.  They got 2nd place and lost to St. Mary’s. 

The following information from Coach Griffin:

Over the 3rd, 4th and 5th of May the Lodi Flames Swim and Dive team competed at the Sac Joaquin Sections in Elk Grove, Ca. The Girls team finished in 5th place out of 39 and The Boys team finished in 18th place out of 37. Scoring points for Lodi was: Savana Berry 2nd place varsity diving. Avery Rhodes 12th place in the diving. Claire DeVries 9th place 100 Breaststroke. Claire DeVries was also selected for State in the 100 Breaststroke Kaylee Maldanado placed 13th in the 50 Freestyle and 15th in the 100 Backstroke DJ Mancuso placed 14th in the 50 Freestyle. Ellie Mortenson placed 12th in the 100 Butterfly. Lexi Reynolds placed 4th in the 200 Freestyle and 15th in the 100 Butterfly. Molly Thurlow placed 12th in the 100 Freestyle In the Girls 200 Medley Relay Lodi was 6th place, Kaylee Maldanado, Claire DeVries, Olivia Stevenson, Molly Thurlow. In the Girls 200 Freestyle relay Lodi was 8th place, Holly Wilson, Ellie Mortenson, Addie Mortenson, Nina Brandstad. In the Girls 400 Freestyle relay Lodi was 4th place, Olivia Stevenson, Ellie Mortenson, Claire DeVries, Molly Thurlow. BOYS: Temple Marcee was 11th in the 100 Butterfly. Finn Moran was 14th in the 200 Individual Medley. Wyatt Reynolds was 16 in the 200 freestyle and 11th in the 500 Freestyle. Caden Zacari was 12th in the 50 Freestyle. In the Boys 200 Medley Relay the boys were 10th, Anthony Celli, Dylan Takahashi, Wyatt Reynolds, Caden Zacari In the Boys 200 Freestyle Relay was 15th, Tyler Carson, Finn Moran, Temple Marcee and Jack Joseph. In the Boys 400 Freestyle Relay was 12th, Wyatt Reynolds, Caden Zacari, Dylan Takahashi, Anthony Celli.

Congratulations to all the swim and dive athletes!