Class Colors are Set


Throughout the recent years the Lodi High school class colors have gone through many changes. Some years you kept your color going onward through the years, and some years you progressed through colors, but this year it has landed on one set of colors. Freshmen are Yellow, Sophomores are orange, Juniors are gray and Seniors color is black. Each of these stages are meant to represent the flame from start to end. Going from the base of the flame to the smoke and eventually being burnt out. According to Mr. Auerbach, “We tried to create something more in line with what we are.”  The Flame colors represent the Flame spirit.  If we show our colors, we can show our pride in our school and what we stand for; Leadership. Lodi High has be an institution in this community for many years and we are here to stand as the example and not the follower.  We want to set the example of what it is to be a leader and show the community that students at Lodi High love their campus and school.  The class colors are just the beginning.