Lodi Stunt Team


Grace-Lynn Cacay, Journalist

How much do you know about Stunt the sport? Not enough. Stunt is a sport, commonly just associated
with cheerleading, but it is different. It’s a head-to-head competition, consisting of four quarters. The first
quarter: partner stunts. The second quarter: pyramids and tosses. An 8 minute halftime takes place before
the third quarter: jumps and tumbling. And finally the fourth quarter: a combination of the previous three
back to back.

Our Stunt team this year had the best season in Lodi ́s Stunt history of five years. They were titled League
Champions for the first time ever, with a league record of 6-0! The team went on to TCAL sectionals,
where sadly the season ended.

Any team can only go so far without an amazing coach, which they were given. It was Coach Brittany
Lampson’s fifth year coaching Stunt, but first year coaching Lodi’s Stunt team. Before this year, she had
coached four stunt seasons at McNair High School in Stockton, CA. When asked what her favorite moments of the season
were, she answered with  ̈Winning TCAL ̈  and most importantly,  ̈The moments you could honestly tell
how much you all support each other really were priceless. ̈   The team was not given an easy journey to victory. Through many
injuries, the team mostly being Freshmen, only ten players having experience in the sport, and being
one of the very few teams with only one coach.  It took a lot of hard work and determination. The Flames
worked through many difficult hours of practice, scrimmages, and athletes even took lessons on their own time to better
themselves outside of school.

A special player on the team is Bella Godinez. It was her third year doing Stunt and first year as a captain.
̈There were so many things I loved about stunt this year! My favorite was seeing the improvements
within each group; whether it was from strength, sharpness, or confidence. I ́m so proud of how far we
came this year and we did amazing at Sections. I can’t wait to see how next year goes! ̈   Bella, along with
the three other captains, showed so much pride and leadership for their team.

̈It was the best feeling to know your coach genuinely cares about you and wants you to succeed. A
lot of coaches can say that and not take action to make it happen, you know? The team became a family
throughout the season and I literally can’t express it better than that. ̈  Shayla Davis shared emotionally.  Shayla is a Freshman on the her
first year of being a part of the team.

The Flames Stunt team had an incredible and inspiring season, thanks to the coach, the team, the captains, and all their supporters.