Cross Town Rivals Brings Victory for Flames

Ending the year out with the Flame Football teams on top.

Sabrina Scarbrough, Journalist

All three Lodi Football teams beat Tokay High School. Varsity won their game 26-20, JV won their game  35-14, and Freshman won theirs 35-12. An amazing way to end off the season, beating the cross town rival. Many students, staff, and parents showed up to support their team. This game is the highlight of the season and was sold out! It was a close game for Varsity, thankfully Lodi won with only a six point lead. The JV game was rough. One of the referees flagged the first Lodi touchdown when Tokay was already in the lead with seven points. For a while Tokay and Lodi were tied at 14-14 until Lodi showed Tokay who is boss ending the game with a score of 35-14. 

Students from both schools showed up, parading school spirit. It was tiger hunting season, so Lodi wore Camo and Tokay wore their signature color, purple. Bands from both schools showed up, and Lodi’s played the National Anthem like at most home games. The stands were filled with camo dressed students and staff while the majority of the parents wore red. In our rival teams section, students, staff, and parents were wearing their school color, purple. It was a great community event and one that was for sure in the memory books.