False Alarm


Isabella Torres-Contreras, Journalist

On Thursday, in the morning of December 8th, officials from Lodi’s Police Department showed up to Lodi High School after a threat was made. According to the Lodi Unified School district, a former Lodi High student made a threat to a current Lodi High student but never mentioned anything related to guns; LPD was still notified regarding this incident. There wasn’t a threat made to the school according to LUSD and classes continued on, with school remaining open. Students notified their parents regarding the “school threat” and some immediately replied by picking them up. Around 1-2 PM, parents arrived at the school site to pick up their students, leaving some classrooms almost empty. Some students and teachers have expressed their concerns regarding the situation but knowing that the threat was fake calmed them down. “I think Lodi High doesn’t have a lot of threats towards the school and whenever there are threats, I think the school is quick to respond,” Julianna Lazono, a Senior at LHS mentioned.  She continued, “I personally feel safe at Lodi High because there is always staff around and sometimes police officers so I’m able to go throughout my day knowing I will be protected or notified if there is anything wrong”.

On that same day the fire alarm was pulled during 5th period but didn’t last more than 5 minutes and students returned back to their classrooms. Despite the fear some students and teachers expressed in the moment, the next day everyone seemed to move on and things got right back to normal.