Pigskin Asks


Grace-Lynn Cacay, Journalist

With Pigskin coming up next week, asking someone or being asked to pigskin is on almost everyone’s mind lately. Where did the idea of school dance proposals come from? The first ¨prom-posal¨ was officially covered in the newspaper in Dallas, TX in the early 2000s.  With social media on the rise, the idea spread. It started with just prom, then smaller school dances, which we’ve been seeing with pigskin at Lodi High lately. From my very personal experience, I think it’s a very sweet gesture, to show how much you really want to go to a dance with a person, but is it distracting? When asked if this is a disruptive motion, Mrs. Silvia said, ¨There’s a time and place for everything. I enjoy seeing my students happy and all, but it’s not the most appropriate setting for the classroom. For everyone to see and hear while trying to do their school work.¨ 

In my opinion, I agree with Mrs.Silvia.  I think for the person being asked, it’s something you don’t want to be seen so publicly and is more special with a very limited audience. From my own conversations, most girls would so much prefer to be asked at their home than at school. ¨If my boyfriend asked me at school I would break up with him on the spot.¨ exclaimed Hailey Jette, student at Lodi. The biggest ask so far has been from Charlie Starr, to Kiah Aitken. Charlie is working towards his pilot license and asked Kiah by pulling some strings with his instructor. The flight pattern reads big, “Pigskin?” And thankfully, she said yes.