Hit Musical ‘Mama Mia’ Comes to Lodi’s Stage


Miller Mayer, Journalist

The Lodi High Drama Club has just finished auditions for the school production of Mama Mia. The club is now prepared to embark upon a journey of rehearsal and practice to get the musical down in time to perform for the opening night. I talked with a member of the cast, Lucia Frederick, who has been cast as Tanya of the Three Dynamos. She said “I’m pretty nervous to play my role because it is something outside of my comfort zone, but it will be an amazing and a fun experience.  I will do my best to play my role.” There will be trials along the way but in the end, it will be a great Musical.

Mama Mia is a musical based on comedy, intrigue, and flair. It is more of a comedic piece than a serious one, though it does have serious undertones even though the premise and plot are pretty crazy. The musical revolves around a girl’s quest to find out her real dad through their “surprise” appearance at her wedding, orchestrated by her. Although discourse is met when she cannot immediately pinpoint her actual father among three possible candidates, lunacy ensues. I believe that the cast for this production of Mama Mia have just the right amount of flair and energy to really bring the play to life.